My Story, My Inspiration, This Is Me

     Welcome! I am Whitney Bartscher and I am the Founder and CEO of Whitney Bartscher Intl. I am also and expert in The Law of Attraction and Mindset training. I use a combination of the two in order to help my clients to manifest the life that they desire into their lives quickly and sustainably.


     I didn't always know how to do this. In fact, I went through some times financially that I would much rather forget ever happened. Instead of pushing it all away I decided to use those experiences as motivation to help as many women as possible to learn the tools that they too can use to create the life of their dreams!

     I was introduced to The Law of Attraction and something in the teachings just clicked for me! I became obsessed with it! I spent the next 11 years learning everything that I could about The Law of Attraction and Mindset in order to create the life of my dreams!

     Now that I have made this into a habitual way of living, I am giving back. I firmly believe that we all deserve to live the life of our dreams, whatever that may be for you! I can help with that, through teaching you how to manifest and attract the financial abundance that you need in order to make your biggest and wildest dreams come true quickly and sustainably!