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5 Steps to Finding Balance

This is a 5 step course intended to give you the tools you need to begin living a balanced life in a healthy way so as to begin creating the life of your dreams!

Price: $49.99

Manifesting Money

Mini Course

This mini course is for anyone looking to learn how to manifest money into their lives easily and quickly! This is the foundation and all you need to get started manifesting now!

Price: $99.99

Manifesting Money

This is an in-depth course on manifesting money into your life! Learn how to manifest on your own and how to sustain this way of being for the long run so that you can manifest any amount of money that you desire quickly and easily.

Price: $199.99


"Whitney has given me support to balance the controlling nature within myself. I have learned with her help, how to handle the stresses of everyday life and how to not let the stresses rattle me in the way they used to. I am very grateful for Whitney's guidance through these challenges!"

- Becky

"One of the main things that Whitney has really helped me with is how to set boundaries. I also gained the confidence that I was lacking to apply for a job out of my comfort zone whose higher salary has afforded me the opportunities to travel, move to a nicer place and live a more financially comfortable life."


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