Finding your center in a busy world.

This world as it is right now is insane! There is so much going on at any given time that it's really hard to keep up. When you add the negativity that seems to be prevalent right now whether it's on the news and in politics, our work environments or in our relationships with others, it's a lot. I have noticed that I am good with busy. I am good with a certain level of chaos and whirlwind. But when you take that and turn it into negative busy, negative chaos, negative whirlwind, I get overwhelmed so much faster than usual. I noticed in my own life that a lot of situations and circumstances that used to be easy to deal with have started turning negative just because of our culture right now and it makes everything so much harder!! This is why I started Southern Morning Coffee. I feel like we need to get back to a culture of kindness and being positive with one another. However, right now I know a lot of us are feeling the negativity and the animosity that is out there. So what do you do? You gotta find a happy place. (I know that sounds so corny. :) ) But you gotta do it. Find one thing and it can be anything that brings your peace and joy. One thing that you can reflect on whenever you need to take a moment that relaxes you and makes you feel good. So maybe that is a memory that you can take a moment and reflect and you smile a little or laugh a little and you can do it anywhere. Maybe that thing is a place that you can sneak off to and just be with yourself for a moment. Whatever that thing is for you it is so important that you find it and you hold onto it. We all need something to remind us that it's not so bad and crazy. When we take a moment to breathe and reflect we can change the entire situation, whatever it is, from a stressful one to a positive one. When we take the time to reflect and think of the good we are way more likely to go back into whatever situation drove is to that point and see a way out or a solution that we wouldn't have seen otherwise, simply because we were so consumed with the negative to see it. So what's your happy place?

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