I'm not here to fix you!! I'm here to give you the tools to fix yourself!

A lot of people who hire a lifestyle coach or business coach are looking for someone to fix their problems.They are wanting someone that they can tell all their issues to and that person will come back with do these things and all of a sudden your life will be fixed. The problem is that when we don't know how to fix our issues ourselves then when they come up again, and they always do, then we have no idea how to fix it. We never took the time to understand our issues fully so when they come back up we get all confused on "Why does this keep happening to me?" Who can I hire to fix this? So now we have two more problems. First, we don't know how to fix it ourselves because we never understood it in the first place. Second, we don't have the gratification that comes with really understanding our lives and being able to tackle the issues ourselves. We all need that! We need to be able to stand independently and say we did it. We accomplished this, that and the other. We need that feeling of confidence that comes with handling our own lives. So no, I'm not going to fix you. I'm not going to fix your problems. However, I will stand with you. I will be a partner. I will give you the tools and the guidance that you need, no matter the situation, to be able to fix it yourself and to receive the confidence and the knowledge to be the best version of yourself.

Here's to fixing the problems in the future so that you can grow and move into the future!!

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