Manifestation... What the heck is that anyway??

There are a million different books and movies and blogs out there about Manifestation, The Law of Attraction or similar topics. This has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the last few years. Everyone wants to know how to get more of what they want in their lives and so people are really capitalizing on this. But what is it? How do you distinguish between the crap people are just trying to sell to make a quick buck and what actually works? How the heck does any of it work? #SouthernMorningCoffee

Let’s break this down to the basics. So if you look at Manifestation, The Law of Attraction or really any Self Help book or religious text you will see a lot of the same teachings on this particular subject. They just all use different terminology depending on the audience they are speaking to. I am of the lay man’s terms audience. If all of these references say so close to the same thing then there has to be something to it right? I have found that even if this stuff is completely made up, why not try it? Think about it. The worst that will happen is that you will be a little happier. That’s never a bad thing.

The most basic part of all of these teachings is to put yourself into a more positive mindset. Whatever helps you do that will help you to attract more of what you want in life. How does that work? Ok so let’s go off of the Law of Attraction because they have really spelled it out for us. There are three steps that I have listed below and we will delve deeper into each of them in this post.

· Ask – for what you want

· Believe – as though you already have it

· Receive

The first step in this process is to ask for what you want. This is easy right? We can all sit down and think of a million things that we want, whether it is a physical thing you want to own or an experience you want to have or a person you want in your life. We all have a list of these things in our mind. So start with one of them. What is something that you really want? Something that maybe you have wanted for a long time and you are really passionate about. Make it something that you know you can hold onto and really focus on.

The second step in this process is to believe. Believe what? Believe that you already have it. Believe that you deserve it and that it is yours. Whatever it is. This step is always a little harder for me. For example, if you want a new car. How do you believe you already have it when you’re still driving the same car you were yesterday? How do you believe you already have a new car when you are physically looking at your same old car? Imagination! Get into your old car, wrap your hands around the steering wheel and close your eyes. Imagine what it will look and feel like to have your brand new car. Really take a moment to take it all in. What does it look like? What does it smell like? How does the leather on the brand new steering wheel feel like under your hands? Really get into it. Then hold onto those thoughts, feelings, smells as you drive your car around town. Hold onto those thoughts when you go to unlock your car at the grocery store, gas station or work. Whatever you do during your day, hold onto the feelings of that brand new car. This is believing as though you already have it. This is believing that you deserve it.

The third and final step in this process is to receive. This seems like it would be super easy. However, I have learned that it can be just as hard to receive as it is to believe that you already have something. Why would receiving be so hard? If you haven’t really set your intention and stuck with it then you’re not going to notice when the opportunity arises to receive what you are wanting. The main point of all of this is to put yourself in this mindset of believing and living as though you have something you are wanting. All this does, in my opinion, is to help us open our eyes and see what is around us. When we are down or unsure or just going through the motions we can miss a lot of the opportunities that come up to get what we actually want. Have you ever noticed that when you are having a bad day at work and another problem comes up, it’s harder to come up with a solution or to see every option when you’re in a bad mood? Think about it. If you take the same situation at work but you’re in a good mood, don’t you notice more opportunities to fix the problem than when you are in a bad mood? Or maybe you’re at home and in a bad mood and in my case, the dogs are going crazy and work is blowing up your phone and you have a million things to do around the house. Now say someone asks you to get them something… let’s say a tape measure. This isn’t something that I use every day so I’m not going to know where it is out of habit. If I’m in a bad mood and all of this is going on and someone asks me for a tape measure I’m going to huff and puff and be seriously irritated that I am having to stop the other twelve things I’m doing to find this tape measure. However, if I’m in a good mood and I have made sure to keep my head on straight through the day and someone asks me for that same tape measure, I am more likely to remember that I saw it the other day on the night stand. Why am I more likely to remember this in a good mood than in a bad one? My mind is clearer in a good mood. My mind isn’t racing with how irritated I am when I am in a bad mood. All of that anger and frustration just breeds more anger and frustration. Whereas, when you keep your head clear and positive you are able to see more of what is around you and remember more of how to accomplish the task at hand.

This is all approached differently by different people. You can read all the books and watch all of the motivational movies you want and they say very close to the same thing. This is what I have taken from my research on the subject and what has worked for me time after time after time. I have taken what I need and what works for me from all of these resources and put them together to accomplish my goals.

So what works for y’all? Have y’all tried to manifest anything into your lives? Did it work? Are you still trying? Do you think it all sounds crazy? What have y’all learned in your experiences that you can share with us so that we may each take from each other and make what works for each of us? #SouthernMorningCoffee

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