Past, Present and Future. Where do they belong in Today?

So we all have a past. If you’re reading this then you have a present, and hopefully everyone has a future to look forward to. But where does it all fit in with today? Are you sitting there at your desk or in your house or car dreaming about the past or the future? Do you have feelings of depression or guilt that you have a hard time letting go of? I was told one time that if you are nostalgic or in a rut you are living in the past. If you are happy and in tune you are living in the present and if you are worried or scared you are living in the future. So what is the past? What is the present? What is the future? Why does any of it matter anyway?

The past is the place you have been right? We all have one. Some of the past is good. Some not so good. And some is just there with no feeling at all. The past to me is where my life lessons lie. It’s the place where I learned who I am and who I want to be and where I had the best and worst times of my life. However, the past is just that. It is in the past. It is simply there to teach us. It is not there to define us but more to guide us. To remind us of what we want and don’t want. What we need and don’t need.

The present is the place you are right now. Do you even know where that is? I don’t mean do you know where you physically are right now but are you really aware of where you are, what is going on, where you are heading, how you are feeling? Most of us go through the day kind of on auto pilot. We fail to live in the present so we fail to notice the majority of the day. We almost always notice our tasks through the day and our struggles and accomplishments but did you notice that when the wind blew today it was the perfect mixture of calm and cool? Did you notice that your co-worker had a new hairstyle? Did you notice that the guy that is always so down and out actually cracked a joke today and smiled? That is what it means to be present. To take each moment as it comes and really absorb it all. Take it all in and feel it. The good the bad and the, “what the heck just happened?” Live it! Live in that moment! The future moments are not guaranteed to any of us. So why not recognize that and live in each moment and hold on to all of it?

The future is that thing we hope comes but is not guaranteed. The future is hope. Period. When we are daydreaming or pining for something, regardless of what it is we are living in the future. Planning and working towards things, setting goals, all of that is great and has its place. I mean if we want to get somewhere we have to figure out how to do it right? We think about it and dream about it and wish for it. There is nothing wrong with looking to the future and feeling that hope for more and better and happier. Just don’t forget while you’re planning for the future that you are living a present. Be mindful of that present. You never know what you may open yourself up to or notice that may change what you’re trying to do in the future or help you to get there. If you aren’t mindful of where you are right now you are going to have a hard time getting to that future you’re planning.

We tend to go through the motions but not really notice much of anything. When we are doing this we are not living in the present. If we are not living in the present we are not going to be able to notice what we need to in order to be successful in the future. If we don’t remember the past we may make the same mistakes over and over that hinder us from moving forward to the future that we want as well. The moral of the story is that the past is your lesson, the present is now and to really breathe in and the future is what you hope for. Everything has its place and time. Whether you’re thinking about the past or living in the present or daydreaming about the future, everything has its time, its place and its purpose. We need all three. In order to continue to move forward, but we have to find a balance between the three and use it to our advantage. Don’t get stuck in any one place. Pull them all together. Acknowledge the importance and the usefulness in all of them. Most importantly…don’t forget this moment right now in your life. In just a second it will be gone and you can’t get it back. Did you use it wisely?

What is a moment that you couldn’t let go of? What is something that you dream of doing and you’re planning with all your heart? What is going on right now? Did you notice the present at all today or were you stuck in the past or future? How have you found your balance? What do you need help with to find your balance? #SouthernMorningCoffee

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