Taking a Minute to SPEAK KINDLY in difficult situations

So I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and I came across Jada Pickett Smith’s “Red Table Talk”. I have heard of them but never really watched any. This one caught my attention because it had Will Smith on it. So I watch the first part and one thing stuck with me that I really wanted to share with y’all. So they were talking about their relationship and how they make it work and all that. They got to a point where they said how they both have really strong personalities and they learned that early on. One comment was that if they hadn’t sat down and decided together that they would not yell at each other no matter what then they probably would have killed each other. That made me laugh but it also made me think. Now this is coming from someone who used to be a HUGE hot head. I still have to catch myself before popping off sometimes. But if we think about it. What good does it do any of us or our partners or friends or family to lose our temper? Has that ever made anything better in the moment? NO!! It makes it worse! It makes the situation worse, it makes us feel worse. It just makes it worse! Not to mention when we do this we inadvertently change the conversation in that moment from whatever the topic was to the fact that we are angry and having a hissy fit. So then we lose what we were so angry about in the first place. I have had this happen so many times and after watching that episode it really got me thinking about how I approach negative situations. So I still have some work to do on this but I also wanted to challenge you all to join me in this. Next time you’re in a situation where you are ready to blow and tell someone where to shove it, take a step back. Walk outside, go to another room. Whatever you need to do to take that moment and really think about what you’re wanting to say, what point are you trying to make and how can you say that calmly to avoid the huge blow up and actually get down to the issue. I want us all to try this and we won’t be perfect at first but if we can learn to control our words then maybe we can fix issues that come up without all of the drama and exhaustion that comes along with throwing a hissy fit. So let’s do this and then let’s talk about it later. Share your comments on just a little summary of what happened and how you dealt with it in a calm way and what you got out of that. We will talk soon! #southernmorningcoffee

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