The day I manifested a Diet Dr. Pepper...Yes, Y'all read that right!!

I talk a lot about the Law of Attraction and manifestation on here. One of the things that is so very important in practicing this is to have fun with it. So in keeping with that I thought I would tell a funny story of my manifestation of a Diet Dr. Pepper.

We all want to manifest or create all of these huge things in our lives. Happiness, wealth and health. Not to mention homes and cars and vacations. Whatever we think would make our lives better than they are. I think though, that we often forget about the simple, everyday things in our lives that can bring us the same joy for a minute. I think we forget, I know I do, that manifesting the smaller things gives us the motivation and confidence to manifest the bigger things in our lives. So today, I am taking a step back and remembering how fun it can be to work this process and I want to share with you one particular time that has stuck with me as proof that you can do this and that it can be a heck of a lot of fun.

When I was first introduced to the Law of Attraction I was working at my old job and had no idea what I was doing. I was watching and reading everything that I could on this topic to try to wrap my head around how this could possibly work. So I of course couldn’t do this in silence. LOL I was talking about it with anyone who would listen. Most everyone just laughed and ignored me. I did find one person outside of my inner circle who believed what I was saying. My boss. My boss had been studying the Law of Attraction for a while and was really my cheerleader in the beginning. Then there was my buddy that sat next to me. He was one of my best friends and an avid non-believer.

One day I was craving a Diet Dr. Pepper. So, in all my glory I professed that I was going to manifest a Diet Dr. Pepper. My boss is like, “yeah! That’s a great place to start!” My buddy dies laughing and proceeds to explain to me that it doesn’t count if I get it out of the vending machine. I vow to not get anything out of the vending machine and I continue on with my craving of the Diet Dr. Pepper.

I’ve been at this all day long and nothing. So this particular day, we had a guy that had worked with us like a year before and quit but he was coming back to work with us and starting that day. Since he would be working nights he didn’t come in to work until like two in the afternoon. So he comes in and we are all sitting around talking and laughing. Just getting to know each other. The new but not new guy was going to sit behind me so he gets seated and starts organizing his desk. While he does this, I turn around to finish up a couple of things that I had to do. That’s when I heard it! “Does anyone want a case of Diet Dr. Pepper?” “I got this thinking it would be better than regular Dr. Pepper but I don’t like them.” I calmly turn around and say, “I’ll take those off your hands, I love Diet Dr. Pepper.” I look over and my boss and my buddy are sitting there with gaping mouths. I of course, am over the moon. The poor new guy looks around and is like, “what did I miss?” My boss says, “She’s been manifesting that Diet Dr. Pepper all day long.” My buddy says, “And you just gave it to her and now I will never hear the end of this. “ I of course bust out laughing with joy while I crack open one of my new case of Diet Dr. Peppers.

This was definitely my tipping point where I went from, this sounds like it could work, to this stuff for sure works. It was silly and fun and completely fit me and what I needed to believe in that moment. So what was the first thing that y’all manifested? Was it big or small? Was it serious or fun? What was your tipping point to really believing? #southernmorningcoffee

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